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ACAT Terms of Reference

The following Terms of Reference were adopted by Council motion on April 7, 2006:


The Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT) serves as an independent body through which stakeholders work cooperatively for the benefit of learners to ensure smooth transitions, both secondary to post-secondary and post-secondary to post-secondary and effective transferability of courses or programs within the post-secondary system. In addition, ACAT promotes the appropriate and effective use of prior learning assessment and recognition to support learners in their post-secondary experiences.

Uniquely positioned within the adult learning system, ACAT members represent colleges, technical institutes and universities within the post-secondary system, students and the public. While respecting institutional autonomy, ACAT works collaboratively to bring forward concerns and continuously improve the transfer system.


ACAT shall be composed of the following individuals appointed by the Minister:

Position / Representative Nominating Body Number of Members Length of Term
Chair Minister appointment 1 3-year term, eligible for re-appointment
Universities Alberta Universities Association 4 3-year term, eligible for re-appointment
Private University Colleges Post-secondary Accredited Private Institutions Council 1 3-year term, eligible for re-appointment
Public Colleges Alberta Council of Colleges and Technical Institutes 3 3-year term, eligible for re-appointment
Technical Institutes Alberta Council of Colleges and Technical Institutes 1 3-year term, eligible for re-appointment
Students Council of Alberta University Students 1 1-year term
Alberta Colleges and Technical Institutes Student Executive Council 1 1-year term
Public Minister appointment via selection process 2 3-year term, eligible for re-appointment
Basic Education Minister appointment 1 3-year term, eligible for re-appointment
First Nations First Nations Adult Higher Education Council 1 3-year term, eligible for re-appointment


  • Develop policies, guidelines and procedures to promote system-wide cooperation in the areas of admissions and transfer.
  • Inform Albertans about the benefits of the admissions and transfer system.
  • Assist and advise other jurisdictions about the procedures for and benefits of establishing and maintaining an efficient and effective admissions and transfer system.
  • Compile, maintain and disseminate a registry of all existing admissions and transfer agreements within the Alberta post-secondary system.
  • Strive to provide learners and other stakeholders with timely and accurate information about admissions requirements, course and program transfer opportunities and transfer policies.
  • Upon written request of an institution serve as a mediator in resolving inter-institutional admission and transfer problems, and in the event of no resolution, obtain an arbitrator in a manner satisfactory to the institutions. (ACAT will not deal with requests for mediation by individuals.)
  • Facilitate improvements in communications and working relationships among institutions and other stakeholders regarding the admission of transfer students and the award of transfer credit. ACAT shall monitor the effectiveness of admissions and transfer policies and practices throughout the post-secondary system.
  • Lead or facilitate research to inform the system on transfer-related matters.
  • Encourage post-secondary institutions to develop and expand policies and procedures in support of prior learning assessment and recognition.
  • Continuously review current and proposed legislation, regulations and policies in the context of how they may impact the learner and the transfer system and recommend revisions to the appropriate Ministry.
  • Monitor policies, procedures and practices of its member institutions and with their approval, recommend to the appropriate Ministry change which would improve the post-secondary system.
  • Set direction for and work in collaboration with institutional Contact Persons and Assistants.


ACAT shall report, annually, on its activities to the Minister responsible for post-secondary education.

Role of the Ministry:

The Ministry is responsible for

  1. Reimbursing ACAT members for appropriate out-of pocket expenses according to Schedule 1 Part A
  2. Remuneration of the Chair with an appropriate honorarium according to Schedule 1 Part A
  3. Provision of a Director and Secretariat and other resources and services to be made available as required by ACAT in the fulfillment of its responsibilities.

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