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Who is the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT)?

Established in 1974 as an independent body, the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer serves as a body through which stakeholders work co-operatively to ensure effective transferability of courses and programs for the benefits of students.

Mission: to be a catalyst for necessary change and an advocate for learners in the areas of admission and transfer to educational programs.

Vision: ACAT learners access post-secondary education through a nationally and internationally recognized admissions and transfer system.

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What does ACAT do?

ACAT is responsible for developing policies, guidelines, and procedures designed to facilitate transfer agreements among post-secondary institutions. The framework for these admissions and transfer is contained in the Council's Principles, Policies, and Procedures. The Terms of Reference can also be found online.

ACAT also plays an active role in the implementation of these policies through monitoring, mediation, and research. Council has a continuing responsibility for facilitating improvement in communications and working relationships among institutions regarding the admission of transfer students and the award of transfer credit. An important activity of Council is to maintain a database of negotiated and approved transfer agreements between post-secondary institutions. This Information is accessible either by using the Online Alberta Transfer Guide or the annual printed Alberta Transfer Guide.

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